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Thank you for visiting our home on the internet. Our office was established in 2006 to serve the health care needs of our neighbors in Boalsburg, State College, Penns Valley and surrounding areas of central Pennsylvania. Our intention is for this website to serve as a resource for information about our clinic, about chiropractic and health care, and as a way to communicate with us.

How to Contact Us

We are located on Atherton Blvd. / Boal Ave. / Route 322, in beautiful Boalsburg, between the Pennsylvania Military Museum and Kelly’s Steakhouse. You can reach us by:


Our Hours and Fees

We are open seven days a week and will schedule appointments to fit your needs. We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9–12 and 2–6, with hours Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

We accept all local insurance plans, and many out-of-area plans. We are happy to check your benefits for you. We have a simple discount plan for cash clients, and we accept Medicare and Medical Assistance (Access).

Our Website

Patients and the Curious

If you are thinking about becoming a client, or if you have questions about chiropractic, we have several pages designed for you:

The Research

We maintain a research page with hundreds of references on the established safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness of chiropractic for acute neuromusculoskeletal care, preventative care and visceral conditions.

Health Care Professionals

For medical doctors and other practitioners, we attempt to summarize the research to help you understand the philosophy and physiological mechanism of chiropractic, what chiropractic can do for your patients, and when it is appropriate to refer to a D.C.


For students of chiropractic who heard Dr. Matthew speak at your college or university, this page offers resources, information and encouragement for you as you move through your five years of schooling.

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Dr. Matthew Hertert

Matthew is a Doctor of Chiropractic trained at Cleveland Chiropractic College and the USC Medical Center, a minister with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and has the experience and tools to help you and your family feel and live better, just like hundreds of other local families. Learn more…


Rae Stefaniak, Shealer Massage

It gives Rae tremendous joy to help people to heal. Her own transformation through pain and illness into peace and wellness are proof that it is possible for anyone. A licensed massage therapist, she is thrilled to bring both Shealer massage and her LovEvolution program to Happy Valley. Learn more…