“The Best Care Possible”

I have made a list of 5 people who have changed my life and Dr. Matthew is one of them. I started seeing him after I had a horrendous bout of sciatica. My pain was so unbearable that I could barely make it out of the shower. I had found him through a friend that suggested I look up a specific technique (Gonstead) used by chiropractors. He was the only one in the area that uses it. From the first appointment he was kind and caring and really listened to the concerns I had. He took time to explain what was going on with my body and why I was having the pain. After a week or 2 of adjustments I was feeling brand new.

I cannot say enough about the integrity of his business and the friendliness and laid-back nature of the staff. Not only has Dr. Matthew been supportive physically, he has been supportive emotionally and spiritually as well. It is always refreshing to have a practitioner that invests their time to making sure they are providing you with the best care possible, and looking out for your entire well-being. I am thankful that I have found Dr. Matthew and can honestly say that my life would not be the same without him!

Angie Wallace, State College, PA

“His Willingness to Spend Time”

I have scoliosis and have seen a variety of chiropractors on a regular basis over the last 15 years. Each chiropractor has had their own style in working with me. What impresses me the most about Matthew’s care is his willingness to spend time with me. Our first few sessions were very thorough, as Matthew tested my body for imbalance, took x-rays, and then explained what he had found. He even suggested exercises that I can do on my own to help restore balance to my body.

In each of our following sessions, Matthew has taken his time to listen to how I’m feeling, examine and adjust my spine. I’ve never felt as though I was being rushed through his office. In addition to not feeling rushed out the door, I’ve also never had to wait for more than a few minutes to be seen. Through my interactions with Matthew, it has become obvious to me that he truly cares about the well-being of his clients. Matthew’s office staff is always friendly, cheerful, and knows me by name. They’ve also been really accommodating when I need to schedule a last-minute appointment. If you are looking for a chiropractor who will take their time with you and treat you as an individual, I highly recommend Matthew.

Mandy Sergent Glitzer, Boalsburg, PA

“I Finally Broke Down and Called”

When I finally broke down and called for a consultation over my aching back, I knew I had to be in bad shape. At 50 years old, my back hurt to walk, stand, sit or recline. My reticence over the years about chiropractic stemmed from comments a cousin who is a MD made about chiropractic and how it did more harm than good. Clearly my PCP wasn’t having any success at treating my back and really only wanted to pump me with more pain relievers, or discussion of possible surgery.

When entering Dr. Matthew’s practice, I was greeted and embraced by Lauren first, and then Dr. Matthew, who both were genuine in concern for my discomfort. After a thorough examination and health history screening, as well as, x-rays, my consultation revealed a congenital bone deformity and resulting issues, including one leg being shorter than the other. I began treatment immediately after that consultation and continue to see Dr. Matthew and his staff for regular monthly adjustments that relieve pain and discomfort. Furthermore, when I am in Dr. Matthew’s company, I soak in the positive energy he exudes. Many times our conversations over pertinent issues (both my own and mutual interests) lead to an overall holistic wellness. He makes you feel, no, not feel, he makes you know you are loved in a greater realm. I could (and probably should) do more exercises to strengthen my core, but I am not judged by Dr. Matthew or his staff if that doesn’t happen.

I’m grateful for my experience at Centre Chiropractic and encourage anyone to see how Dr. Matthew can help them on their individual road to physical and spiritual wellness.

Brent Frank, State College, PA

“Even on the Weekend”

I began seeing Dr. Matt back in 2007 at the recommendation of my best friend who had already been a patient of his for a little over a year. I had never been to a chiropractor before that, but had experienced frequent neck pain for years, so I was willing to give chiropractic care a shot. After settling into regular adjustments with Dr. Matt, chronic neck pain became a thing of my past! The care he provides goes way beyond neck and back pain though… I have visited Dr. Matt for other things such as shin splints that were causing excruciating pain in my knees. When this occurred he had me in his office every day, even on the weekend, to do ultrasound on my knees in order to reduce the swelling and pain. How many doctors would go to those great lengths to help a patient?!? Unfortunately not enough of them…

Centre Chiropractic is incredibly different from any other doctors’ office I’ve ever been to. What sets it apart from the rest is the way you feel when you’re there. To me, it doesn’t feel like I’m visiting a stuffy doctor’s office, but rather it feels like I’m visiting a good friend. I always feel like I can talk to him about anything, and he knows and cares about what’s going on in my life. The personalized care that Dr. Matt provides is absolutely unsurpassed!

I would strongly recommend that anyone considering chiropractic care visit Dr. Matt’s office! You won’t find another care provider like him anywhere.

Michelle Haagen, Berkeley, CA

“Wheeled Into the Office…Able to Walk Out”

I met Dr. Matthew on presumably one of the worst days of my life. I had just had my second child and after a day at the park with the two of them, I hurt my back while lifting my daughter out of the car. It was a Sunday and I was paralyzed in pain. After several failed attempts to get up and around on my own my husband and I decided it was time to contact a chiropractor. Despite it being a weekend, Dr. Matthew returned our call and was able to see us right away.

Although I was barely able to get into the car and had to be wheeled into the office for that first visit, I was able to walk out after only the first adjustment. Dr. Matthew’s gentle adjustments along with the stretching exercises he prescribed helped be to regain the mobility in my lower back in only a few short days, without the use of medication or surgery. This enabled me to get back to the important job of caring for my family in a fast and safe way.

He also adjusted me during my third pregnancy, which I believe helped me to have a beautiful and healthy birth experience. I continue to see him for regular adjustments, as do the rest of my family. We take all three of our children to see Dr. Matthew for adjustments, which is especially beneficial when they are sick. His calm, loving and professional demeanor as well as his wide base of health knowledge is very comforting and has made it a joy to come for visits. We are elated to have found Centre Chiropractic and are proud to recommend Dr. Matthew to all.

Emma & Matt Pantano, Pine Grove Mills, PA

“My Trusted Physician”

I started seeing Dr. Matthew after reading a couple books about the benefits of chiropractic care. He made the introduction to adjustments very easy, and his philosophy of care completely coincided with what I was looking for at that time in my life.

Since the first visit, we have developed more than a physician/patient relationship. He helped me physically through some minor problems, and he helped me with several personal turmoil periods in my life with his life coaching techniques. He has become my trusted physician and also my good friend. I would recommend his care to anyone.

John Conkey, Port Matilda, PA

“A Peaceful, Caring Place”

Often times as patients, we can find ourselves seeing “drive through” doctors who are in and out so quickly that your head spins. Dr. Matthew is just the opposite. He takes the time to listen to me and he keeps my concerns in mind as he adjusts me. I look forward to my appointments where I know I am walking into a peaceful, caring place.

Krista Middleton Davis, Boalsburg, PA

“Now a Distant Memory”

I was very reluctant to see a chiropractor, but after having carpal tunnel symptoms for over a year I decided to give it a try. I really wanted to avoid having surgery on my hands because I am a pianist and music teacher. After seeing a chiropractor for several months I still had no relief and more pain than ever in my neck. I gave up entirely on chiropractic care until I experienced a very bad episode with my lower back. I was in so much pain I could not bend or walk without much difficulty.

On the advice of a friend I called Dr. Matthew. He began taking care of me and also showed me how to take care of myself with at-home stretches and exercises. That terrible experience when I could barely bend over or walk is now a distant memory. I appreciate so much how Dr. Matthew enabled me to take care of myself. After several years of following his advice and regular visits to his office I am still free of carpal tunnel syndrome!

Jennifer Harris, Cheyenne, WY

“Different from the Beginning”

I have been adjusted by chiropractors for years, but my experience with Dr. Matthew was different from the beginning. In the past I felt like I had to be adjusted three times a week to feel “normal,” never really getting to the root of the issue or strengthening my body.

Dr. Matthew’s approach treats the whole person. He seeks to find out what’s causing the discomfort then helps you to strengthen your body. Doing the stretches at home that he suggested helped to maintain my health and made the process to feeling strong again that much quicker. In addition, I have always looked forward to talking with Dr. Matthew on our visits about life, community, and family. He is a true asset to this community.

Cara Long, Dallas, PA

“I Can Keep Lifting My Kids”

When I get severe back pain, I usually try to “gut it out” until I feel better, without seeing a specialist. This winter, my back just wasn’t getting better on its own. I went to see Dr. Matthew. He explained that my back had been compensating for the pressures I put on it through my desk-bound work habits and lifting my kids. We talked about ways I could strengthen my support muscles and train myself not to use my back to do jobs it wasn’t meant to do.

He adjusted me regularly and my back pain was healed, but the continuing value was the exercises Dr. Matthew gave me to strengthen my muscles and train good habits. These daily exercises are easy to do, fit into my busy life, and make me feel much better—so I can keep lifting my kids for a long time! Dr. Matthew knows the score!

Bob Long, Dallas, PA

“I Trust Dr. Matthew”

I started seeing Dr. Matthew in December of 2006. Prior to my initial visit, I had dealt with recurring lower back pain every few months; I would visit a (different) chiropractor, be adjusted, and be on my way until the pain returned in 2–3 months. I stumbled upon Dr. Matthew by chance; the pain came on suddenly on a Saturday afternoon in late December. I was scheduled for a flight on the following morning and needed to be adjusted ASAP, as I would not have been able to fly with the pain I felt. I called my regular chiropractor, and they were closed.

After calling 4–5 other practices, all of which were closed, someone recommended that I call Dr. Matthew’s office. I had an appointment there within an hour. After adjusting me that day, he told me to call again if I needed anything right before I flew—even if it meant going back to his office at 4 AM the next morning! Thankfully, that wasn't necessary, however, his dedication to helping his patients was immediately evident.

Once I returned from my trip, I settled into adjustments with Dr. Matthew once a month, and I’m happy to say that the lower back pain that I experienced in the past has not returned in the 4+ years since that first visit! Additionally, I trust Dr. Matthew as someone that I can talk to about anything—pain, stress, life events, happy occasions, etc. He always knows what is going on in my life, and he makes me feel like a friend, not just a patient. In fact, I’ve grown to know and love the entire Centre Chiro family.

Centre Chiropractic is unlike any other practice that I’ve ever been to. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about chiropractic care to consider visiting Dr. Matthew to see how he can help you. I promise you won’t regret it!

Melanie Gilbert, San Fransisco, CA

“Without Shots and Without Surgery”

In early 2009 I sustained a little twist to my lower back. Although the muscles seemed to be fine within a couple of weeks, a few months later the true effects began to manifest—sciatica. The pain in my right leg progressed from my hip down my leg over a period of several days, until I began to experience tingling in the foot.
Dr. Matthew’s office, according to the Yellow Pages, was near to my workplace, so I asked him to see what he could do. This was my first visit to any chiropractor. Even though the first attempts did not give me the relief we were looking for, Dr. Matthew was determined to find a way to bring healing. He consulted with other, more experienced chiropractors, and with orthopedic doctors who had additional equipment so that I could have an MRI. Within a few weeks he found the solution.
The pain was gone, without shots and without surgery!
With the exercises and stretches that Dr. Matthew has suggested, along with increased walking, I feel younger, more flexible. In the two years since I began receiving adjustments, I have had only one cold.

Marilyn Freeland, State College, PA

“Problems That I had Been Living With for Years”

The months that I spent in treatment with Matthew helped to correct and relieve back problems that I had been living with for years. Although I have not visited Matthew for some time, I continue to use the exercises that he prescribed. I no longer have trouble breathing or sleeping as a consequence of back pain. Matthew is clearly a skilled practitioner. His holistic approach and warm demeanor always left me looking forward to my next appointment. I would recommend Centre Chiropractic to anyone with back problems—and in fact, I hope that I am able to return myself when I visit Central PA!

John DeHart, Philadelphia, PA


Dr. Matthew offers a complete spectrum of patient friendly services for our family including effectively addressing our physical needs, as well as, spiritual encouragement.

Bud & Patty McCartney, Linden Hall, PA

“A Warm, Compassionate Doctor”

I came to Dr. Matthew about three years ago with severe lower back and upper right back pain, mainly due to athletic injuries that never really healed completely. Since seeing Dr. Matthew I have noticed a significant difference in my pain issues, in that they are pretty much completely gone! I was also in an automobile accident in July 2010 and of course went to see Matthew during this time

He helped me through all my injuries and I have not experienced any long-term effects from the accident. Matthew is a warm, compassionate doctor who takes time with every patient and really gets to know them. I would HUGELY recommend him to anyone suffering pain issues.

Shannon Pasch, Pine Grove Mills, PA

“Individual Care”

A prolonged and intense pain in my neck was the reason for my initial trip to see Dr. Matthew; I received immediate attention (without feeling like an inconvenience), relief, and advice for minimizing future problems. Special, individual care keeps me visiting Dr. Matthew regularly. His genuine concern for my overall health and well-being makes Dr. Matthew the most-trusted and valuable doctor on my personal healthcare team.

Greta Colyer, Tyrone, PA

“I Wish I Had Visited Sooner”

I first started seeing Dr. Matthew about 1 1/2 years after the birth of my little girl and 2 heart procedures. I was dealing with a lot of right low back pain, from my procedures and being in bed for 12 days, not to mention carrying a baby around. After the first set of visits it was amazing how much better I felt and wished I had visited sooner.

Over the last 3 years he has helped my overall well-being with his listening ears and words of wisdom, too. Most recently, I had a chest cold and saw Dr. Matthew for an adjustment. It was amazing, on my ride home everything in my chest loosened up and I was able to breathe better and had a productive cough.

My 4-year-old daughter has also been seeing him for preventative care. Everyone at Centre Chiropractic has always been caring and accommodating. I always feel special and cared for.

Mel Saylor, Potter’s Mills, PA

“Gentle and Caring”

Dr. Matthew’s gentle, caring and effective treatments make my chiropractic appointments one of the things I look forward to in my week. It’s great to know I have an affordable way to enjoy aggressively good health as I get older.

Greg Wright, State College, PA

“It Has Never Returned”

So here’s a story for you. I was experiencing a strange and annoying pain in my back along a specific vertebrae (L3?).It hurt to bend forward, it was hot to the touch. I went to my doctor after many months of suffering. The x-rays showed nothing, at least as far as he could tell. He sent me to an orthopedic specialist who prescribed me physical therapy in a huge, busy, fancy Hollywood PT clinic (Queen Latifah was there one day!): 4–5 months going 2–3x per week. I felt no relief. Then one day, I hear that Matthew Hertert is looking for some people to work on and help him to finish his internship. I think why not—it’s affordable, I’m done with the fools at the PT place, I’ll give it a try…

Within 3 sessions, along with some very easy at-home exercises he gave me, the pain was gone! That was a year ago and it has never returned, though I keep going to see his replacement to stay in good shape. You gotta try this guy! Here’s to your healing.

Judy Waters, Van Nuys, CA

“The Link to My Good Health”

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your fine chiropractic skills in helping me get better. Your diagnostic skills and ability to administer the treatment best needed for my condition were flawless. I have never encountered anyone else as thorough and caring. I am so thankful that I had an opportunity to experience your abilities and feel safe that I have found the link to my good health.

I am sure anyone who has experienced your kindness and understanding for chiropractic care would feel the same as I. I wish you all the luck and success in your new practice, and only hope that I may someday have the opportunity to experience your healing treatment again.

Dr. C.M. van Houten-Williams, Los Angeles, CA

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